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View from Mt. Davidson
View from Mt. Davidson

MISS JO SAN FRANCISCO IS ABOUT MY INTERESTS IN cooking, gardening and cities— the everyday life and random observations of the commonplace. I’m a journalist with more than 30 years experience chronicling politics, business, people and life’s goings on. In this blog I’m turning my reporter’s and photographer’s eye to San Francisco.

View from Bernal Hill
View from Bernal Hill

JOANDJEFF - 1My jazz pianist husband and I live in a tiny house typical of this densely populated city of 837,440, where homes are crowded side by across a mere 46.87 square miles at the tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It’s a place everyone recognizes, even if they’ve never been here— the hills and fog, the Golden Gate Bridge, a center of high-tech business, the bygone eras of the 19th century Gold Rush and 1967 counter-culture Summer of Love. But like most cities, SF is more than its popular image. My blog is a peek at life through beyond the postcards.

GG Bridge view frm Mt Davidson
Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands in the distance, view from Mt. Davidson

Population: 837,440
Households speaking English-only: 53.3 percent
Residents who are foreign born: 34.9 percent
Residents working in the city: 412,500
Median income: $71,416
Per capita income: $45,478
Population living in poverty: 12 percent
Land area: 46.87 square miles
Population density: 17,687 people per square mile
Altitude: Highest point 925 feet (Twin Peaks); lowest, sea level
Average temperature: January, 51.1° F; July, 59.1°F
Latitude: 37.76 N, Longitude: 122.44 W

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